Hire Permanent Personal Car Driver / Chauffeur From Your Area

6 Reasons to hire a Saaarthi-Pilot The Ideal Personal Driver/ Chauffeur :-

  1. Personal driver who are Trained in Road safety, Mental Health, Anger Management and Personal grooming.
  2. Permanent drivers with proper address verification, background verification and Police Clearance certificate.
  3. Personalized approach for each client and identifying the driver based on the clients requirements.
  4. A dedicated relationship officer to help you handle driver related issues, help you solve issues that may arise due to pilot behavior and provide him additional training of required.
  5. Saaarthi gives you an add-on benefit of providing you the best deal on your next car insurance if you have hired a personal car driver from saaarthi.
  6. Saaarthi Helps you book a door-step car spa for your car.

Hire Home Tutor For Private Tution

6 Reasons to hire a Saaarthi-GURU The Ideal Home Tutor/Private Tutor :-

  1. B.Ed Qualified Home tutor so that the person is able to educate the child and not just teach him a subject.
  2. Personalized approach to learning for each student based on the strengths and weaknesses of each Individual.
  3. We plan to organize various extempore and public speaking sessions to improve the personality of your child and develop his self-confidence.
  4. The goal of all our tutors is to help your child establish a strong early foundation to create or build his career upon.
  5. Each child has one or the other strengths and once nurtured these strengths can bear fruits for your child in the later stages of his/her life, we will work to identify their strength using various psychological tools available.
  6. Many A times when a child shifts from one board to another he finds it extremely difficult to manage the course burden or shift in focus our personal tutors will help your kids transition to this new style of education.


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