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A Man has donated all his life savings to help the Poor


A Man Has Donated All His Life Savings To Help The Poor

A Man has donated all his life savings to help the Poor

  Ruben Das      Posted on July 16th, 2016 at 14:07 PM

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Born at Melakarivelamkulam in Tamil Nadu, Kalyanasundaram took up odd part-time jobs to earn his daily bread and butter while he donated all his savings and regular income to those in need. With each passing day, he became clearer about his intentions to dedicate his life to the poor. He slept on railway platforms and pavements to personally experience what the poor of the country go through.

He did not keep a single rupee from his job and lived a very simple life. All he did with his monthly salary was donated it to children and other needy. We work because we want a comfortable lifestyle and dream of settling down with the luxuries of life. This man was different; he worked hard just so that he could earn more money to donate. He did not even get married as he wished to spend his entire income, helping the poor rather than his own family. After he retired as a librarian, he even donated his pension of Rs. 10 lakhs!

Brightest of the heroes are those who constantly throw light on the society without being noticed or expecting anything in return. This man’s contribution is a profound example of how one can help the poor if one actually desires to do so.

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