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A brief description of Saaarthi personal car driver hire service


A Brief Description Of Saaarthi Personal Car Driver Hire Service

A brief description of Saaarthi personal car driver hire service

  Ruben Das      Posted on August 01st, 2016 at 13:54 PM

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Saaarthi was started with the sole purpose of helping people hire personal car driver, while there are a lot of driver agencies they are focused on providing drivers, they support corporate driver hire, Tourist driver hire and driver for other commercial services alongwith providing personal driver. In comparison saaarthi has a focused approach on helping hire a personal driver thus provides services that are required by individual not only to hire a driver but in the overall maintenance of your car.

So what does saaarthi do differently then others you may ask? Well continue reading and we will definitely blow your mind away:

First, we help you hire a personal driver on monthly basis where you just need to provide us your requirements and we will do all the monotonous tasks such as calling up various car drivers, checking their availability to join. Checking whether he is willing to work at the salary being offered by you, then negotiating on your behalf, making sure he goes for the initial test drive where you can check his driving skills, If selected making sure that he joins you on the designated day. All this requires a lot of time investment which we take care of on your behalf. Saving you your time which is the most precious commodity to a human as you cannot earn time.

Second, we train all drivers who are registered with us in the following three tiers. The First level of training for the driver training in soft skills such as small etiquettes and professional behavior. The second level of training consists of training the driver in various aspects of road safety, although the driver may know of such practices, the training re-emphasizes on these aspects for your safety. The third level of training consists of personal behavioral training such as anger and stress management which helps them to manage their daily lives in a better way and in term helps them serve you better.

Third, A complete three tier Background verification of the driver. Something No Other driver agency does, so what is this three tier verification of the driver? The First tier of Verification is the basic document verification of the driver which every driver agency does. The second tier of verification is complete background verification of the driver which consists of physical address verification, checking up with two people whose reference is provided for by the driver, some may do this but most agencies don’t even think of doing this. The Most Important Tier The third driver of verification and which is exclusive only to SAAARTHI is we maintain a Basic Biometric Database of the driver which consists of the fingerprint scans of the driver and the second thing we do is get the driver a police verification certificate which is something Mumbai police suggests we do before hiring any domestic help.

Fourth, we provide a bouquet of add-on services which support the basic needs of your car such as helping you get car insurance at a discounted rate, helping you get car-spa at your doorstep at just a call among Various Others.

Get All This AMAZING Service at a service Fee less than a Domino’s Pizza of INR 499 per month, Driver salary is not Included Though.