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Sarthi or Saarthi or Sarathi is now the Personal Car Driver


Sarthi Or Saarthi Or Sarathi Is Now The Personal Car Driver

Sarthi or Saarthi or Sarathi is now the Personal Car Driver

  Ruben Das      Posted on August 06th, 2016 at 17:20 PM

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Personal Driver of the present generation was termed as sarthi/saarthi/sarathi whichever term one may prefer to use. They were the charioteers of the Kings, queens and nobles of the yesteryears. Now those charioteers are the personal car drivers of the Managing Directors/ General Managers/ Film star/ Models and High net worth Individuals (HNI’s), the new Nobles of the new world.

But like the nobles of the old era these people are also threatened by Theft and high number of crimes, In India we have this Saying “ Ghar ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye” or we face the greatest threat from the people who are inside our House, the maids, the cooks, Home tutors, Personal drivers. We give them a free entry to our homes; sometimes even provide them the keys. But little do we remember that the person who is working with us we know very little about them, we don’t know of their past, we seldom know where they live and we rarely do a background verification of the Individual.

These has led to higher rates of domestic crime rates across the country and almost everywhere the police suggest that we should get a person a Police clearance certificate to ensure our own safety. But do we have the time and the energy to manage all these paperwork and processing? Many a times we do not do it and let it slide by.

But what if there was a Person an Agency that was there to help you hire police verified domestic help, someone who would just take care of all the needs of background verification and other documentation while you just get the driver on hire/cook/maid/Home tutor. Saaarthi (sarthi/Saarthi/Sarathi whatever you like to call us) Household solutions has come up with a unique solution for hiring a driver in mumbai. We do a complete background verification/License verification/Police clearance certification of the driver to ensure the safety of our clients. So whenever you are looking to hire a driver in Mumbai Just give us a call or revisit our website.

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