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How Much Does a Shoe Polish Guy Make at Dadar Station in Mumbai


How Much Does A Shoe Polish Guy Make At Dadar Station In Mumbai

How Much Does a Shoe Polish Guy Make at Dadar Station in Mumbai

  Anonymous      Posted on September 16th, 2016 at 17:58 PM

Mumbai, dadar, shoe polish, local, earning

I have been travelling in the dadar local for quite some time now, and the average shoe polish guy Charges you around Rs. 20 per Shoe Polish. Given the Shear number of people and the consideration one would assume he would probably be polishing around 100 shoes in a day, this would mean that he would end up earning 2,000 rupees per day and having 24 working days would mean that he earns Rs.48,000/- per month.

But the reality is a lot different, according a post on quora these are the following statistics.

Let Us do some Basic math’s, the traffic flow at dadar station is approximately 5, 00,000 per day.

Given that the person is likely to get his shoe polished only in the morning this would drop to 2,50,000.

Now from it we need to remove female (approximately 20% passengers) and students (approximately 30 % passengers), the number left is 1,25,000 men, Out of this approximately 50 % of the passengers don't require their shoes polished or are not wearing shoes at all. So we are left with only 62,000 potential clients.

For simplicities sake let us assume that they get their shoes polished once every month, thus the number is 1/30 of 62,000 which is approximately 2000. Dadar has approximately 12-15 shoe polish guys which bring the number down per shoe polish guy to 133 approx.

There is another hypothesis that we need to consider, the peak time for people who would get their shoes polished is the morning hours, that is a window of 3-4 hours between mornings 8-11. The typical time it takes to polish a shoe is approximately 4 minutes, thus hypothetically the potential customers a single shoe polish guy can serve is approximately 50-60.

The thing to be noted is that this is the upper limit for potential customers and not the exact number.

The actual facts are:

1. The real number is around 20 customers per day (After adjusting for weekends) Number never exceeds 60 in a day.

2. 100 rupees is the hafta that they have to pay

So typical monthly earning for him is around Rs 6000 per month. This is also a part time business with free time on weekends and in evenings. That makes it very lucrative.