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Force India the Pride Of the Nation


Force India The Pride Of The Nation

Force India the Pride Of the Nation

  Ruben Das      Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 12:46 PM

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While India has become a major hub for major international car manufacturers worldwide with its world class engineer base. We still lagged in a major segment the F1 racing scene the final frontier in car manufacturing and driver capabilities. Force India has seemingly changed that scene although not manufactured in India, This is a team from India facing off against world class opponents the Ferrari’s and the McLaren’s of the world. Well the F1 die-hard fans may not accept this fact though as they will always state that the team doesn’t comprise of anyone from India, but hey guys that is the case with many other teams too. F1 is an international sport and it is dominated by Teams and not nations and whether we like it or not Force India is a Team from India, owned by Indians, so what if it’s based out of Silverstone. Do we not say that now google is being led by and Indian although Sunder Pichai doesn’t stays in the country? We have always felt proud if any person of Indian origin achieves success abroad, so why the long faces when it comes to Force India? The total Indian ownership of this team is above 50 % so should we not call it and Indian Team then? The name itself is Force India. Enough Rants now let us Look at why we should be proud of this team, It was first purchased by Vijay Mallya in the year 2007. Although Initially struggling to achieve success in the Initial Years, of late the team has started to perform quite well.

Lets Look at the Overall Points tally secured by the Team over the years :

  1. 2009 : Total Points secured was 13 .
  2. 2010 : Total Points secured was 68.
  3. 2011 : Total Points secured was 69.
  4. 2012 : Total Points secured was 109.
  5. 2013 : Total Points secured was 77.
  6. 2014 : Total Points secured was 155.
  7. 2015 : Total Points secured was 136
  8. 2016 : Total Points secured till date 59.

Even the points secured tell us a story of the improvement of the team, The most exciting thing though is that currently the force India Team is ranked 4 this season in the total points Tally and has already secured 2 podium finishes which is the highest for them for any season.

Their next test is the British grand prix which is going to take place at Silverstone the home circuit for the Force India F1 Team. As per the team’s chief operating officer this is going to be their biggest test for the season and if they finish this race on a strong note they will be competitive in the rest of the coming races.

Here’s wishing the best of luck for Our Team “ FORCE INDIA”.