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Driver on Hire in Mumbai - Driver Service in Mumbai | SAAARTHI


Our Value proposition Vs other driver hire agencies

Sr For the personal car driver on hire service vis-a-vis competition
1 Police clearance certification for all personal Car drivers for safety of your family
2 Payment Only After deployment of the chauffeur/personal Driver
3 Immediate replacement of the personal driver Maybe
4 Background verification of all drivers
5 Document verification of all drivers
6 Address verification of all drivers
7 Biometric database collection of drivers for client's safety
8 Proper Uniform Provided to Drivers
9 Road safety training of all drivers to avoid accidents Maybe
10 Behavioral and anger management training of all drivers Maybe
11 Soft Skill training of all drivers Maybe
12 Dedicated Relationship Manager for all Customers of driver on hire service
13 Add-On Service of Discount on car Insurance for all customers who have hired a driver
14 Add-On Service Car Spa Services for customers
15 Service Charges 5988/- 12000+ One Month Salary

How we help?

Our 7 Step simplified process to hire a personal / private driver

  1. We take your requirement and match it to our vast database of potential candidates.
  2. We personally contact each candidate about their willingness to join.
  3. We send the CVs of drivers on your Email ID and via SMS with a video introduction for you to judge the individual.
  4. We negotiate the salary and the perks available to the candidate and check his willingness.
  5. We negotiate a date and time suitable to both the candidate and the employer to meet.
  6. After test drive we give 2nd and 3rd level of training.
  7. We make sure that the candidate joins you.

Driver on Hire in Mumbai

Hire Personal Driver/Chauffeur

6 Reasons to hire a Permanent Driver in Mumbai from SAAARTHI:-

  1. We provide personal drivers who are trained in road safety, mental health, anger management and personal grooming.
  2. We provide permanent drivers with proper address verification, background verification and police clearance certificate.
  3. Personalized approach and selection of driver as per your requirements
  4. We provide a dedicated RELATIONSHIP MANAGER to you; He assist's you to solve any issues that may arise due to drivers behavior and provide him additional training if required.
  5. Hire a permanent driver from Saaarthi and get upto 50% discount on your Car Insurance.
  6. Hire a permanent driver from Saaarthi and get car detailed cleaning services at your doorstep.

Want Reliable & Trusted Driver on Hire in Mumbai ?

SAAARTHI’s professional driver service is the answer to all your travelling & driver woes. Avoid driving in traffic for long working hours , just sit back, read , connect with dear ones and enjoy your ride while we make sure you reach your destination safely everyday with Police Certified Personal Car Driver .We understand a Driver drives around your Loved ones and Safety is of prime importance ; hence we verify them thoroughly with help of Designated Government Authority and deploy drivers only with Police Clearance Certificate.

Tired of Driver agencies not providing apt services ? Just choose one of SAAARTHI’s Driver ; We provide Personal Relationship Manager for each customer;Each RM will be at your service to take care of any of your Driver Related issues and resolve them personally.